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Anybody serious about artistry and intent on excelling in and selling on their art should sign up for the elite package at Thousands of interior designers and art buyers could be sent links to a detailed blog post about yourself and your art as well as a direct link that takes them straight onto your very own newly updated Art Traffic profile, if you were to sign up today.

Not only will we publish a blog post about you and your art contemporary (don’t be afraid of that word as it identifies everything expressive as an art form) but we will also have live links from our homepage banner that will channel straight to your profile page if someone clicks on your work. This massive tool for exposure helps you to be seen by an evergrowing database of art lovers and collectors from all over the world.

As an elite artist, you would be featured individually on our homepage as a featured artist and would have an independent link to your profile that would be seen by people accessing the site from all around the globe. You could amaze them by using the unlimited uploading capabilities you receive with the elite package, meaning that you can put as much of your artwork online as you please, and Art Traffic would only take 20% commission from any of our artists at this level, meaning that you get more…so much more!

Finally, an Art Traffic artist presentation would be drawn up about you and your work that showcases your work in a fantastic light. This quick and easy Art Traffic portfolio would be sent to the four corners of the earth to our links in interior design and the art world. Below is an example of one we did for one of our latest elite artists, Mo Kelly:

Picture 4

Get involved today at Art Traffic, where 2010 is unfolding exciting prospects for us and our Artists every day.



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