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Art is boring. Ask 90% of today’s kids and young adults and you’ll get that exact answer. All of the creativity, abstraction and attention to detail that gets put into art production is undermined by the fatal stroke of one stereotypical brush. Art is boring. Why does the majority of today’s generation think like this? […]


I was walking down a corridor today, whistling away as I normally do. Five or ten works of art contemporary adorned the white walls and I stopped a few times to enjoy the modernist and traditionalist aspects of the pieces. I was in, of course, a corridor in one of the buildings at Savannah College […]

Living in Savannah certainly does have its plus points. We get the sun for most of the year, we get the quaintness of a historical city, untainted by modernism and we also get the annual Sand Arts Festival. Hundreds and hundreds of SCAD students set up at Tybee Beach early on and enjoyed a beautiful […]

Since 1961, Salone del Mobile, of Milan, has pushed to set the standard and push the boundaries for international design in the interior/furnishing sector. i Saloni, a collective group of exhibitors, has since created a show, a premiere yearly event for designers and architects. i Saloni WorldWide presents a diverse selection of Italian companies that […]

Swedish graphic design extraordinaire, Amanda Barj, has just joined the ArtTraffic team! From now on, Miss Amanda Barj will personally be catering to the needs of ArtTraffic’s Scandinavian sector and acting as running head of all ArtTraffic business going on in that part of the world. So if that involves you, I’m pretty sure you’ll […]

So ArtTraffic has been up and running for a while now, and although it’s still a young site and still very much in its infancy (we’re here to stay), we’ve already got over $1.5 million worth of art contemporary onsite and artists from all corners of the globe. Compare that to your local gallery! As […]

“I think that everyone should have the pleasure of owning a hand-painted, original work. Therefore, I produce affordable artwork.” – ArtTraffic’s new featured artist, Terry Wylde Terry will tell you that he’s sold over three hundred artworks to date. He’s sold over eight hundred. Born in the West Midlands, ArtTraffic’s newest featured artist, Tery Wylde, […]

The Haiti fundraiser went really well, really really well. Thanks to all of the artists that donated their art contemporary. All proceeds will be heading straight to our brothers and sisters in Haiti and it’s down to those who helped out that such brilliance is possible. The following link shows how the show was set-up […]

The big event took place last week. Hundreds of people turned up to support the Art Traffic and Concern Worldwide Haiti fundraising exhibition in Newry, Ireland. On the day of the show, Ciaran spent hours hanging art contemporary that had been generously donated by some of Art Traffic’s very best. A huge thank you to: […]

To all ArtTraffic members and visitors, Deepa Mann-Kler is one of ArtTraffic’s most accomplished artists and was also one of the first on board. We’d like to thank her for her support, her dedication and her incredible knack for art contemporary. Also, allow me to point you in the direction of her ArtTraffic profile by providing you with the link […]