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Art Traffic’s latest artist is a particularly new and exciting prospect for the Art Traffic team. Go to to experience innovative design in the flesh. Having grown up in Ireland and after living for art and design from an early age, Morgan’s creative mind and ability to work hard culminate in a distinctive and unique style. His imagery ranges from […]


As I write, Santa Claus is tying up his shoe laces, and sweet little stockings are being hung by the fireplace to decorate millions of excited households’ interiors across the world. Even those people that don’t celebrate the festive season are enthusiastically preparing to spend some prime time with their loved ones. Enjoy it, because […]

Try to remember all the way back to your childhood. Think of the incredible colours you appreciated back then, and reminisce about every time you stood in awe, gazing at a rainbow. Imagine the dreams you had about gorgeous other worlds, with an indescribable beauty that was your secret, your imagination; nobody else could ever […]

CCKT had an award winning start at the NEC fashion show in Birmingham, England last week. CCKT won the best set design, a great achievement for the new company which had only been live two weeks prior to the show. The range of clothing offered by CCKT was an immediate hit with the anxious shoppers including […]

Our new featured artist, Mo Kelly has uploaded her art contemporary onto the site and has had a huge amount of interest from our buyer database. The phones have been ringing and the emails have been flooding in for the low-down on this exciting artist’s art contemporary ideas. Mo is one of Ireland’s most talented […]

Kimber Berry grew up in a society of glitz, glamour and hysterical mass media. Her hugely inspirational work infers and reflects her astonishing upbringing in such an incredible environment. To utilize the perfect quote from Kimber’s website, “I use the fluidity of paint and the brush stroke as a narrative tool to recreate the psychological […]