Amazing work by Genevieve Mercet

Art is boring. Ask 90% of today’s kids and young adults and you’ll get that exact answer. All of the creativity, abstraction and attention to detail that gets put into art production is undermined by the fatal stroke of one stereotypical brush. Art is boring.

Why does the majority of today’s generation think like this? Why must most be entirely entertained, without any effort on their on part? Instead of painting, drawing, or reading even, we put the television on.

When you consider that most children today have never been to museums unless they were on a school trip (how negative an experience that must be), then you can understand a certain lack of enthusiasm for self-representation in this day and age. These museums, or galleries, showcase the greatest of people’s finest feats and promote dedication and self-worth, and yet nobody goes to them anymore! If art is not experienced and enjoyed then it can’t be taken seriously at all. The only artwork that kids see today seems to be on Nickelodeon. Those pictures just move on the screen, so art must be easy, right?

Pop culture entertains the masses, without the masses having to put in any effort at all. Cartoons do all the speaking and explaining for the kids, soap operas and sports pan themselves out perfectly for us all to just sit back and take it easy. We don’t even need to think, so how can we learn to enjoy the different perspectives and ideas that combine to create art contemporary?

Also, with the superficiality of pop culture and today’s society, most artists are seen as, let’s be honest, pretty weird. They’re not like those people on screen, so why should we get involved in what they’re doing or want to understand what they’ve done?

It’s just a quick thought, but I thought I’d quickly highlight the fact that our society is slowly degenerating into fastfood-eating and culture-melting zombies.

Think about it.



Screen shot 2010-07-28 at 17.19.01

Robert West has been an instant hit at Not only has he become a favorite of more than one of the ArtTraffic team with his bodacious color mixtures and abstract artistic statements, Robert West’s art contemporary has been noticed as one of the most visited pages at ArtTraffic over the past month.

According to the man himself, his work “explores the principles, limits and possibilities of painting through multifarious picture making.” I’m sure you’ll agree.

Robert aims for inconsistency from piece to piece as he believes that there is no real single way of working with paints. This freedom allows him to create as he pleases, unlimited by restraints within the medium.

With a diploma and a degree with honors, solo shows and exhibitions from London to Tokyo and a following of art-lovers covering the globe, Robert West has already headed a very successful career in the art world. Here’s to ArtTraffic making it that little bit more spectacular!

Check out his elite membership ArtTraffic profile by clicking on the link.



Screen shot 2010-07-28 at 13.49.22

Deepa Mann-Kler has been with ArtTraffic from the very beginning. She was one of the first artists that committed to uploading her artwork on ArtTraffic, before anybody really knew of us, our goals or what we could actually do for artists. Deepa has been a star; a loyal and enthusiastic member of the ArtTraffic community, and we would like to thank her for her support.

Deepa has just opened a new website that displays her own artwork and discusses her artistic ideals and views. The site looks fantastic and we support Deepa in exposing her art contemporary side for the wonderful talent that she is.

Please check out her new site and enjoy her artwork by clicking on the following link:

And don’t forget to visit her ArtTraffic profile to give her the thumbs up or if you would like to purchase some of Deepa Mann-Kler’s art contemporary.



Mother and Child

Lesley Featherstone has uploaded some beautiful art contemporary onsite recently. She signed up only a week or two ago and has amassed a huge amount of hits on her ArtTraffic profile.

Our newest high profile member has a fascinating history in the art world. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art Painting from the Wimbledon School of Art and has worked in and around art since 1985. Lesley is, not only a trained art therapist, she has worked as a Head of Creative Arts Therapies, an installation-artist and a painter (to name a few).

Lesley developed such a passion for sketchbooks and the stories you could create within them that she went through a period of tie where she produced exciting and whimsical sketchbook art. Her first sketchbooks were very well-received and, eventually, most drawings were sold and many were sold out as a limited edition prints in The Louche (a London-based art event).

Due to Lesley’s incredible success, she was asked to make two public art installations and was encouraged to start painting again. She was asked to do a solo exhibition for International Women’s Week and was plastered on the front cover for the Sunday Review (for Kent). She has also delved into more prints and even postcards.

Now, that’s a small history of Lesley Featherstone. Viewing the artwork is up to you! Click on the link in order to see what all the fuss really is about!

You’ll love the sketch-esque techniques and the movement involved. Seriously.


Happiness by Karl Bielik

Karl Bielik’s work is the finest example of artistic experimentation that you’ll see.

Karl’s extensively colorful mind enables him to work on up to 20 paintings at a time, developing collections of art contemporary in big batches. He floats from one painting to the next and goes solely on his feelings and urges when it comes to innovating and painting that canvas.

Informal mark making, oil, emulsions and dribbles contrast formal lines and photography. Techniques differ from one work to the other and Karl pushes one paint to the limit while testing another.

Words electrify the emotive energy in these studies and balance the pieces into an extraordinary equilibrium of abstractness. The artwork of Karl Bielik refuses to let you away without stirring up an inner emotion somewhere.

I’m sure you’ll agree.



Screen shot 2010-07-07 at 14.16.17

Kasia Coleman has taught expressive students around Britain.

She tutors in art and design and helps perfect the crafts of the next generation of artistic wonders. However, she still manages to maintain an edge, developed over years of perfecting her work.

Kasia’s naturally graphical style has allowed her to exhibit her art contemporary at a number of grateful and well-renowned universities and galleries across Britain.

Kasia’s drawings have been published and she has been known, also, to create quite staggering installations. Kasia uses pen, ink, gouache and pencil to produce simple and balanced works that are a delight to the masses.

You need to take a look!


Screen shot 2010-07-06 at 15.05.16

Rob Kalmbach has recently uploaded some of the most electrifying photography I’ve seen. If that’s not enough to get you to check out his work by clicking on the link, I’m sure it won’t take you too much longer to succumb!

Rob kalmbach is based in Los Angeles but hails from south-eastern Pennsylvania.

A vast sense of geographical experience and knowledge of the world has enabled this talent to blossom rapidly, and Rob’s work covers everything in between cold Pacific Australian waters and moonscape middle-eastern deserts.

We await even more uploads from Rob’s outstanding collection.

From camera and lense tricks to mere photographic genius (not to mention some chiaroscuro that will blow your mind), Rob Kalmbach is a true pleasure to have onsite and you need to view his work, right now!

Right now, I said!


Mo Kelly

The ArtTraffic offices have been buzzing recently. The phones have been ringing off the hook since last Thursday’s Founding Artists exhibition and Mo Kelly, Mark O’Neill and Rod Coyne are certainly producing the goods.

One of our founding artists, Mo Kelly, has recently been working alongside Vodafone in a bid to boost Vodafone Mobile Broadband. She was interviewed in last month’s The Gloss magazine and spoke about her hectic lifestyle.

Mo juggles her artistic and djing careers astonishingly and she uses her mobile broadband to instantly upload pictures of her art contemporary to ArtTraffic. To quote from the article about her:

“I also use it in the studio that I use for painting – it allows me to upload digital pics of my latest paintings to instantly exhibit online at”

Needless to say, we are ecstatic to be working with Mo and helping to showcase and sell her artwork.

As one of our higher profile established artists, Mo has been exemplary in spreading the ArtTraffic word and has worked hard to link us and drop a line whenever she possibly can. We promise to repay the favor.

Thanks very much to Mo, keep up the great work and keep plugging away!


Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 13.34.10

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 13.39.50

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 13.40.31

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 13.39.40

With more than a splash of vino and a feast from Stilton-covered crackers to chocolate-wrapped rice nibbles, Thursday night’s exhibition began with a bang and kept on going!

Walls adorned with art contemporary surrounded a center-floor equipped with bespoke seating; a lower-level wine and catering table was manned by two handy helpers and the visitors were never without.

The ArtTraffic Founding Arists’ Exhibition was held (and is still set up for your viewing pleasure) at 102 Upper George Street, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin at the Brian S Nolan Gallery. Art contemporary from Rod Coyne, Mark O’Neill and Mo Kelly was precisely and perfectly set amid room and extra detail lighting.

Over 100 people came and went through the front doors in a constant rush of admirers and prospective buyers. Two trips to the local shops had to be made in order to cater for the customers and ArtTraffic has had several follow-up calls about buying artwork ranging from just a a few hundred euros to well over three thousand!

And the best thing is, you can go and visit right now, as the exhibition is still well and truly open…Just bring your own wine this time!

Enjoy the photographs, and please do email us if you have any questions about the event, the art or the artists.



Screen shot 2010-06-07 at 15.11.21

American artist, Kim Barry, has been a member of the ArtTraffic community for just over three weeks. With a cumulative total of well over 350 thumbs up in just that short amount of time, we have jumped at the chance to make her our newest featured artist, as testament to her impressive art contemporary abilities.

Kim Barry graduated from Penn State University in 1998 and has exhibited her art internationally since. Collections of Kim’s work can be found all over America and the rest of the world.

Kim and fellow artist/partner, Joey Thate, run their own gallery and the couple, along with six other galleries, head a Jacksonville movement called “Off The Grid”. The movement is backed by the Cultural Council in order to revitalize their city through the arts.

Interesting, eh?

Check out Kim’s art contemporary online without going to a gallery. Click on in order to see what all the fuss is about.