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We couldn’t, and wouldn’t, have imagined that Art Traffic would be where it is now by January 2010, just over four months into our campaign. The initial reception that, and its art contemporary, has received has been awe-inspiring.

Thanks everyone!

With 130 artists from over 40 different countries, viewers in over 60 (all the numbers are growing still, and long may it continue!) and over 570 classy pieces of art contemporary already onboard, we really are pushing onwards and upwards towards the next level.

Without any real advertising as yet, and that’s all to come in this next month or two so bare with us, we have sold well over 40 pieces of art and Art Traffic averages out at having around $800 000 worth of work onsite at any one moment! gets more than 600 hits each week, without advertising, from genuine people, all over the world, who are looking to invest in artwork and art contemporary.

Our artists and buyers do the sending, so we don’t take money for it. We work on the internet, so we don’t take money for storage. And gallery-like commission rates of up to 50% of an artists work are non-existent at Art Traffic.

What a great stepping-stone into the new year! With exciting plans up our sleeves and some clever tricks that you’ll all enjoy, we’re asking you to stay updated with the site by checking out the blog every once in a while. The next few months is going to be huge!

Stay locked in and on top of it all as it unfolds, and be safe!




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