Archive for February, 2010 has been a busy place lately. We’ve been organizing a massive art exhibition in Newry, Ireland, in aid of the recent disaster in Haiti. Ciaran has been slaving away for weeks, sourcing art contemporary from some of our most generous and outstanding ArtTraffic members; having works sent through from countless countries. I’ve been here […]


Camillus McLaughlin’s art contemporary brings a new dimension of artwork to Art Traffic. We’re ecstatic to have Mr C onboard as his new and innovative work is unlike anything else onsite, and you know how much we love pushing the boundaries here! C is based in Northern Ireland and always has been; he’s a fashion/pop […]

Art contemporary is ideal for cash-stricken wannabe buyers or collectors that want to get a foothold in the art world. Anybody can invest in fantastic and gorgeous art contemporary for reasonable prices at and use the art to decorate their homes, houses and workplaces, or to keep for years or pass onto loved ones […]

Art Traffic was in Berlin recently. Accompanied by Katie Mcguigan, of CCKT, Art Traffic flew out from London to meet with a graphic designer to discuss certain goals and tweaks for the near future. It was a very successful trip as word of Art Traffic spread quickly around town and we were met and greeted […]

With his work rocketing to the top of the “Thumbs Up” tally chart within a day, we take great pleasure in introducing Travis Bonick.  An aspiring artist studying at Savannah College of Art and Design, Travis Bonick has had a brilliantly encouraging first week of partnership with He has recently uploaded his art contemporary […]

News flash for students everywhere! Logann Rogers, a sophomore photographer at Savannah College of Art and Design, has sold her first art contemporary piece at Art Traffic, and she has literally just signed up. Logann uploaded her fine photographs in a ten-minute time-frame a mere matter of days ago, and she’s already reaping the benefits […]

Art Traffic’s latest member is named Patrick Nicholas (Pito). Big deal. Actually, my art contemporary loving friends, it is. Pito’s acrylic painting abilities are truly impressive, check out, but his talents don’t end there. Pito’s artistic abilities stretch into the realms of music and his lyrical prowess has impressed crowds for years. “My goal is to enlighten minds […]

Lisa Catherwood is vibrant, colorful and energetic; she looks to “capture spirit and light” in all of her works. She portrays natural objects by complimenting them with magical undertones and fairy tale-like imagery. Her artistic passion is fueled by water, life and human relationships and she works in many mixed media. She has exhibited and sold work in […]

We all know that art contemporary is the ultimate way to express yourself freely. With the limitlessness of art contemporary, it is inevitable that some artists may take the boundaries a bit too far. It is stereotypical to say that all artists are hippies with extreme and unrealistic leftist views; that simply is not the […]



She is Art Traffic’s latest hot topic community member. She has hit the ball out of the park with her early art contemporary uploads. She has received an untold number of “thumbs up”. If you want cool, check out Nikita Furio: Nikita adds a new dimension to Art Traffic. With a modern twist on current comic art contemporary and an […]