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Art Traffic has taken its selling capabilities to the next level recently. Orior by Design is an Irish interior design company from Newry, Ireland, but it does work for clients all over the globe. Orior has taken on some of Art Traffic’s Irish-based artists’ work and has them out for all eyes to see in […]


Just a quick note for all of our followers! Any members at, that means all of our artists, can get 10% off at CCKT sells the latest in cool clothing designs, jewelry, sneakers and much more, and that’s yet another reason to jump onboard at the website for top line art contemporary. […]

Art contemporary is a movement, an ongoing community of artists, that began in the aftermath of WWII and has spanned up until the present day. There are millions of artists around the world that express themselves in more ways and utilize more techniques than it would be possible to track. It is this fact, this […]

Anybody serious about artistry and intent on excelling in and selling on their art should sign up for the elite package at Thousands of interior designers and art buyers could be sent links to a detailed blog post about yourself and your art as well as a direct link that takes them straight onto […]

We couldn’t, and wouldn’t, have imagined that Art Traffic would be where it is now by January 2010, just over four months into our campaign. The initial reception that, and its art contemporary, has received has been awe-inspiring. Thanks everyone! With 130 artists from over 40 different countries, viewers in over 60 (all the […]

Art Traffic took a trip to the Big Apple towards the end of 2009 in order to spread the word about what we’re up to at Advertisement and promotion were the main aims of the team as they scoured the subway and whistled through the streets talking to, quite literally, everybody that they came […]