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I am delighted to announce the arrival of a new member of the ArtTraffic family. Ciaran and I have been the best of friends with this guy for a long time and I’d like to introduce our own brother from another mother, Richard Hurlin, as our Sales Manager.

This month’s new featured artist is an early Chistmas cracker! Mark O’Neill was born in Newry, Ireland and trained formally within the realms of fine art at Liverpool University College of Art. He is at the peak of an illustrious career that has seen his works at art exhibitions from London to Dublin, from Carlingford to New […]


Let me tell you, if you’re an artist and like to be in the presence of other expressive souls, then the city of Savannah is a must-see. The Savannah College of Art and Design students of old seem to have settled here post-college, and are now living in and around town, giving society a vibrance and […]

It has been an amazing first month at ArtTraffic, thank you. Firstly, let me apologize for not updating the blog as regularly as planned, I promise that I’ll do better in the future and stick to a weekly schedule. We’ve been wonderfully busy and astoundingly occupied for our first month in the game, but no […]

Make sure you check in on this month’s featured artist, Stephen Madden. Stephen was born in Ireland and later went to the Copper Union Art School in New York. His breathtaking work has already attracted a lot of interested from buyers and has caused quite a stir at Arttraffic.