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Robert West has been an instant hit at Not only has he become a favorite of more than one of the ArtTraffic team with his bodacious color mixtures and abstract artistic statements, Robert West’s art contemporary has been noticed as one of the most visited pages at ArtTraffic over the past month. According to […]


Deepa Mann-Kler has been with ArtTraffic from the very beginning. She was one of the first artists that committed to uploading her artwork on ArtTraffic, before anybody really knew of us, our goals or what we could actually do for artists. Deepa has been a star; a loyal and enthusiastic member of the ArtTraffic community, […]

Lesley Featherstone has uploaded some beautiful art contemporary onsite recently. She signed up only a week or two ago and has amassed a huge amount of hits on her ArtTraffic profile. Our newest high profile member has a fascinating history in the art world. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art Painting from the Wimbledon School […]

Karl Bielik’s work is the finest example of artistic experimentation that you’ll see. Karl’s extensively colorful mind enables him to work on up to 20 paintings at a time, developing collections of art contemporary in big batches. He floats from one painting to the next and goes solely on his feelings and urges when it […]

Kasia Coleman has taught expressive students around Britain. She tutors in art and design and helps perfect the crafts of the next generation of artistic wonders. However, she still manages to maintain an edge, developed over years of perfecting her work. Kasia’s naturally graphical style has allowed her to exhibit her art contemporary at a […]

Rob Kalmbach has recently uploaded some of the most electrifying photography I’ve seen. If that’s not enough to get you to check out his work by clicking on the link, I’m sure it won’t take you too much longer to succumb! Rob kalmbach is based in Los Angeles but hails from south-eastern Pennsylvania. A vast […]