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ART CONTEMPORARY PIZAAZ, FROM ROD COYNE! They go together like paints and a palette; Rod Coyne is art contemporary. Irish through and through, Rod Coyne has grown up in an environment saturated with mouth-watering landscapes and overwhelming scenery. When reproducing these stunning images he crops his artwork into panels that would spice up any wall […]


To all ArtTraffic members and visitors, Deepa Mann-Kler is one of ArtTraffic’s most accomplished artists and was also one of the first on board. We’d like to thank her for her support, her dedication and her incredible knack for art contemporary. Also, allow me to point you in the direction of her ArtTraffic profile by providing you with the link […]

Welcome aboard Mihai Docea! The Arttraffic team has recently acquired a number of established and successful artists. We have worked tirelessly to get these guys on board and have been ecstatic with the responses from the best of the best, and none more so than Mihai (El Docea) Docea.