Ciaran's not happy!! haha

It was 6am on a Monday morning and I had been traveling in a cramped van for the past 8 hours. My feet had been flat against the windscreen and a Swedish fellow’s knees had dug into the back of my seat for the whole journey. I had needed to wee for approximately 3 hours and 27 minutes, and the driver had insisted on listening to 80’s rock to keep him awake on the journey. Except for one obviously drunk driver almost killing us all at a bend on the highway, the trip had been boring.

Miami International Airport is also known as MIA, but it was the airline stewardesses who were the ones Missing In Action. Having waited for 45 minutes to check my bags in, sweaty and particularly cranky, I approached a pretty young lady in uniform. “Hello, I was wondering when I would be able to check in for the Buenos Aires flight?” I asked monotonously, noticing two or three art contemporary pieces on the wall and wondering where the artworks were bought.

“Hola.” She smiled at me robotically and I could tell that she wasn’t joking; she didn’t speak English. I found it slightly vexing that the lady that would check whether the others queuing up for the flight were not terrorists couldn’t speak a word of English, but at 6am I gritted my teeth and waited for another 20 minutes.

“Hola.” I smiled at the same pretty lady and handed over my passport and ticket. She motioned for me to put my luggage on the belt, scanned my something or other, without looking at my photo, and smiled again. I left her, blessed with a recharged confidence in airline security.

I dropped off some ArtTraffic cards at a restaurant in the main foyer before going through to the gates. Whilst straightening up the pile on a desk at the entrance, a southern man wearing a blue shirt and jeans asked me what I was selling.

“Well, actually, I’m not really selling anything,” I began as I shook the man’s hand. “It’s giving you or someone you know an opportunity to sell something. It’s an online art platform where emerging and established artists can upload images of their art contemporary and showcase their work in front of thousands of interior designers and buyers across the world. You should take a look at,” I suggested.

“I’ll do that. My wife loves to draw. Thanks son.”

I suppose you never know when you’re going to meet someone you might just want to get to know. Mrs. Blue Shirt signed up 3 days later, while I was in Buenos Aires at an art contemporary gallery.




  1. 1 Arttraffic

    PLease leave a comment!!

  2. 2 Gill

    Well written, the website is awesome and you guys look great.

  3. 3 tommo

    bloody well written, keep it up mate

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