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Art Traffic’s latest member is named Patrick Nicholas (Pito). Big deal. Actually, my art contemporary loving friends, it is.

Pito’s acrylic painting abilities are truly impressive, check out https://www.arttraffic.co.uk/arts/832, but his talents don’t end there. Pito’s artistic abilities stretch into the realms of music and his lyrical prowess has impressed crowds for years.

“My goal is to enlighten minds with little subliminal lines intertwined with intellect of another kind.”

Self-representation was a key factor in Pito’s upbringing. He was taught to be socially interactive and intellectually understanding in a culturally diverse D.C. neighborhood that he calls home, in Washington D.C. Pito’s background in music has taught him the importance of the old-school: “My belief is that jazz and the blues are the basis of all modern-day music. They cannot be forgotten. Instead, they should be incorporated in the current styles of this era, by integrating hip hop with original instrumentation.”

Wise words from a talented man, new onboard at Art Traffic. Check this out:





  1. 1 admin

    Please leave a comment.

  2. 2 Tom

    This guys art is pretty cool, but i just checked out his myspace page, Arttraffic has some talent on Board!!

  3. 3 Paige

    This blog is class, love how Arttraffic mixes it up, and this guys beat isn’t bad either. Nice!

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  5. 5 Patrick

    Love this guys beat, where can I here more?

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