Amazing work by Genevieve Mercet

Art is boring. Ask 90% of today’s kids and young adults and you’ll get that exact answer. All of the creativity, abstraction and attention to detail that gets put into art production is undermined by the fatal stroke of one stereotypical brush. Art is boring.

Why does the majority of today’s generation think like this? Why must most be entirely entertained, without any effort on their on part? Instead of painting, drawing, or reading even, we put the television on.

When you consider that most children today have never been to museums unless they were on a school trip (how negative an experience that must be), then you can understand a certain lack of enthusiasm for self-representation in this day and age. These museums, or galleries, showcase the greatest of people’s finest feats and promote dedication and self-worth, and yet nobody goes to them anymore! If art is not experienced and enjoyed then it can’t be taken seriously at all. The only artwork that kids see today seems to be on Nickelodeon. Those pictures just move on the screen, so art must be easy, right?

Pop culture entertains the masses, without the masses having to put in any effort at all. Cartoons do all the speaking and explaining for the kids, soap operas and sports pan themselves out perfectly for us all to just sit back and take it easy. We don’t even need to think, so how can we learn to enjoy the different perspectives and ideas that combine to create art contemporary?

Also, with the superficiality of pop culture and today’s society, most artists are seen as, let’s be honest, pretty weird. They’re not like those people on screen, so why should we get involved in what they’re doing or want to understand what they’ve done?

It’s just a quick thought, but I thought I’d quickly highlight the fact that our society is slowly degenerating into fastfood-eating and culture-melting zombies.

Think about it.



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