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It’s summertime!

School’s out for the majority of students and it’s about time for those of us who aren’t in full-time education to take a break! Get on a vacation, go to the beach or just have a rest; you deserve it!

All I’m saying is: when you feel that urge, when you’re on that beach or drinking that wine or enjoying that view, when you feel that urge, embrace it; paint it, draw it, etch it, snap it, do something with it, but don’t waste it.

We’re artists, and at the times when we are most inspired, we are at rest. With some extra time on our hands or just a sunny view, it could be time to let the art contemporary flow and to get it on ArtTraffic (we don’t need a break thank you)!!!

Whatever happens, have a fantastic summer, use any spare time you do have wisely and let us know about your adventures!




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