I was walking down a corridor today, whistling away as I normally do. Five or ten works of art contemporary adorned the white walls and I stopped a few times to enjoy the modernist and traditionalist aspects of the pieces. I was in, of course, a corridor in one of the buildings at Savannah College of Art and Design.

I sat down in the hallway because I had a good twenty minutes to wait until my next engagement and sitting next to me, doodling away on a small sketch-pad, was a young artist. She had huge green headphones covering most of the side of her head, but the sketches she had scribbled were outstanding! Out of the corner of my eye, and hoping that she hadn’t seen me staring and wasn’t slightly freaked out by my sudden interest in her abilities, I watched her scribe gorgeous, simple works of art contemporary onto her sketchpad.

“Do you do larger artworks?” I inquired eagerly, repeating myself as she removed her headphones.

“Yeah, I draw and paint all the time.” She smiled back and blushed in the cheeks ever so slightly.

“Well what do you do with them? You’re really talented.”

“Well, I’ve just got a huge pile underneath my bed and keep some in my closet. Sometimes I give them to my family as presents but I’d like to be an artist one day and sell them.”

The crazy thing is, and it goes for thousands and thousands of people around the world, that she was an artist! Boy, was she an artist?! She didn’t have to wait until she was older to sell her art and earn a living and make a name for herself! All of those artworks she had could be sold in a minute if she had really looked into it.

I signed her up at ArtTraffic, immediately.

Don’t leave that artwork under the bed!




  1. 1 Arttraffic

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  2. good share, great article, very usefull for us…thanks!

  3. 3 Mihai

    Nice there are many talented people in this world,they just need a chance to be able to show their work.

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