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Living in Savannah certainly does have its plus points. We get the sun for most of the year, we get the quaintness of a historical city, untainted by modernism and we also get the annual Sand Arts Festival.

Hundreds and hundreds of SCAD students set up at Tybee Beach early on and enjoyed a beautiful day of art and sculpture in the sand. Locals from the surrounding area came at about 4 o’clock to see the finished products and to take photographs (they were all very proud to see their local university producing such art contemporary).

Now, I’ve never been overly gifted when it comes to artistically representing my passionate inner soul, but I like to think that I could sell artwork with my eyes closed! This year though, I thought I’d throw caution to the wind and take part in the competition. A few friends and I set up at 10 o’clock in the morning and cracked open a beer or two not too long later. Within 10 minutes we were sculpting a life-sized fellow, being attacked by snakes and a giant serpent. Perfect!

I hope you like the photos and can work out which one was ours! We didn’t win, but we had one hell of a day


Screen shot 2010-05-07 at 10.26.51Screen shot 2010-05-07 at 10.26.36



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