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Swedish graphic design extraordinaire, Amanda Barj, has just joined the ArtTraffic team!

From now on, Miss Amanda Barj will personally be catering to the needs of ArtTraffic’s Scandinavian sector and acting as running head of all ArtTraffic business going on in that part of the world. So if that involves you, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a little message from Amanda very soon!

Amanda currently resides in Savannah, Georgia, where she keeps her head in the game and sinks her teeth deeper into her chosen field: graphic design. Her special interests include art, typography and soccer (I can’t think of anyone better suited to this position!). Twice a year, Amanda travels back to her native Sweden and will be scouring the region soon, looking for yet more artistic talent and potential buyers that will expand www.arttraffic.co.uk’s presence.

It is an honor for us to have Amanda on board. Shoot her an email if you ever have a query of any kind and here’s to the advancement of ArtTraffic.co.uk with all of you guys along for the ride!





  1. 1 Arttraffic

    Please Leave a comment! And welcome on board Sweden!!

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