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So ArtTraffic has been up and running for a while now, and although it’s still a young site and still very much in its infancy (we’re here to stay), we’ve already got over $1.5 million worth of art contemporary onsite and artists from all corners of the globe. Compare that to your local gallery!

As you probably know, we have a new featured artist online every month or so; one special artist that gets his or her own spot on the homepage and, to be honest, is at the top of the internet art game. We’ve had a good few, so far, and so here’s a quick run through of a few and some examples of these talented artists’ work:

Brittney Brett resides in Jupiter, FL and graduated with a BFA in Painting and Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Brittney’s equine paintings have been looked into by horse enthusiasts in Europe and America since Brittney signed up in September. Brittney Brett is one class act.

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Stephen Madden was born in Ireland and later went on to the Copper Union Art School in New York. His breathtaking work has sold regularly and caused quite a stir at Arttraffic. Thanks to his ArtTraffic membership, his work can now be seen on the walls of art lovers’ houses and workplaces everywhere, as well as in interior designers’ studios and workplaces in Europe. A real art contemporary talent, Stephen is one to watch.

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Mark O’Neill was born in Newry, Ireland and trained formally within the realms of fine art at Liverpool University College of Art. He is at the peak of an illustrious career that has seen his works at art exhibitions from London to Dublin, from Carlingford to New York.  Mark’s artwork is all oil on canvas. His bold use of color and loose brushstrokes allow his compositions to be unique but balanced, and his current train of thought and artwork is inspired by bustling streets and busy marketplaces. It’s very exciting to see where Mark’s whims and brainwaves take his artwork.

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Mihai (El Docea) Docea is a part of the elite. Born in Romania, Mihai has produced superb works of art throughout his life and has had pieces in exhibitions across the world. From his native Romania to New York, Florida, London, Austria and even Thailand, Mihai has a habit of pushing boundaries more and more in order to stay at the top of his game. Whether it is a beautifully crafted sculpture, one of which I was actually approached about this evening, or a gorgeously designed painting, Mihai’s experience in the art world paves the way for brilliance to excel and prosper with us.

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More featured artists and their work to come in future publications/blogs; I hope you enjoy the links!



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