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“I think that everyone should have the pleasure of owning a hand-painted, original work. Therefore, I produce affordable artwork.” – ArtTraffic’s new featured artist, Terry Wylde

Terry will tell you that he’s sold over three hundred artworks to date. He’s sold over eight hundred.

Born in the West Midlands, ArtTraffic’s newest featured artist, Tery Wylde, grew up with a passion for ceramic art. After a brief stint in painting as an amateur, Terry found he had sold his works around the world to corporate conglomerates and families alike. The responses to his painting abilities were so good that he decided to become a full-time working artist, and Terry has since held nine exhibitions, sold from five brick galleries, had his works licensed and printed on greeting cards, entered into the realms of private collections worldwide and become a top-selling internet artist. But he probably wouldn’t even tell you that!

We are thrilled to have Terry onboard; yet another top-level artist showcasing his art contemporary online at Take a look at his work by clicking on the following link:




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    Please leave a comment

  2. 2 Arttraffic

    Terry is pleasure to work and his art is awesome.

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