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The big event took place last week. Hundreds of people turned up to support the Art Traffic and Concern Worldwide Haiti fundraising exhibition in Newry, Ireland. On the day of the show, Ciaran spent hours hanging art contemporary that had been generously donated by some of Art Traffic’s very best. A huge thank you to:

  • Mo Kelly
  • Rod Coyne
  • Nikita Furio
  • Katie McGuigan
  • Logann Rogers
  • Stephen Madden
  • Carmen Poenaru
  • Lisa Catherwood
  • Geoff Moose
  • Geralyn Mulqueen
  • Mihai Docea
  • Cristina Ciobanu
  • Paula Pohli
  • Mark O’Neill

Screen shot 2010-03-02 at 16.24.49

The latest Art Traffic video, complete with the new track, was played in front of a live audience on 8 huge plasma  screens. And they loved it. With Patrick Nicholas on the lyrics, Nate Londa and Haley Walker on video design and John Liedel on sound design, there was never any doubt!

Check out the link, and tell your friends. It’s all for charity.




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