Screen shot 2010-02-28 at 21.09.39 has been a busy place lately. We’ve been organizing a massive art exhibition in Newry, Ireland, in aid of the recent disaster in Haiti.

Ciaran has been slaving away for weeks, sourcing art contemporary from some of our most generous and outstanding ArtTraffic members; having works sent through from countless countries. I’ve been here in sunny Savannah, taking care of presentational matters.

We wanted to do something a bit different; something a little bit out of the ordinary. Let’s make a song. And have a full-blown video that goes with it!

Patrick Nicholas wrote the lyrics and Haley Walker and Nate Londa worked long days and late nights to provide the video and here it is. Link it, show it around, and make it known; it’s for charity!

Please let me know what you think, there’ll be more to come.




  1. 1 admin

    Please leave a comment.

  2. 2 Mihai

    Great job I wish you can sell all art work donated for a lot of money so we can help our brothers in Haiti.

  3. 3 Sean

    Just checked out the video and song,, its unreal.. Fantastic work Arttraffic and to all who produced that AWESOME Video!!!

  4. 4 Patricha

    One Word….. BRILLIANT

  5. 5 katie mcguigan

    nice !!!!!

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