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When you tell your artist friends that their artwork is good, are you just being polite? Similarly, if your friends tell you your artwork is actually really cool, are they just being nice?

It’s all about psychology. Take it from me, a failed artist whose friends used to pick me up constantly after I produced yet another self-portrait that showed incredible resemblance to a sun-dried tomato, it’s all in the initial reaction and the way it’s said.

I used to struggle with charcoal for hours on end whilst trying to etch my imagination onto a 36” x 48” blank canvas and end up with a hilarious final product. Why was it hilarious? Because my friends used to walk into my dorm room and fall over themselves in rip-roaring fits of uncontrollable laughter! Don’t get me wrong, I had and have some great friends, and I have never aspired to be the next art contemporary hero because, quite simply, I’ve never been any good at it. I had to channel talents in other directions, to put it bluntly. But it’s always a telltale sign that a work of art is not the best if it gets laughed hysterically at upon first sight!

Just as obvious as laughing, a long pause can say it all. If it takes more than two seconds between seeing an art contemporary piece and saying, “Yeah, that’s really cool,” then the artwork in question probably stinks. Whether it’s yours or your friends, somebody is going to have to learn to lie a bit better because feelings are going to get shot down!

Art contemporary is for everybody, and any form of self-expression in the current day is art contemporary, but some things just don’t make the grade on levels set out by anybody. Don’t worry, my art was like that! It’s important to remember that an artist shouldn’t set out to please anybody with his or her work if it is true art contemporary, because it is all about what is inside the artist and nobody else knows that. is home to the best art contemporary available on the internet. Online artwork is taking over from buying and selling at galleries and museums. Art Traffic is right there at the centre, showcasing the best art contemporary on offer, and Art Traffic showcases any form of art contemporary. So don’t fear, even if your friends don’t like your work, or if you’re not that into your friends’, others probably will do. Get involved at Art Traffic.

Artwork by Katie McGuigan


The Arttraffic Team



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