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Art Traffic has taken its selling capabilities to the next level recently.

Orior by Design is an Irish interior design company from Newry, Ireland, but it does work for clients all over the globe. Orior has taken on some of Art Traffic’s Irish-based artists’ work and has them out for all eyes to see in their superb showroom.  Art Traffic’s Art contemporary adorns the walls of the showroom and Orior has reported interest in most of the works already; they were only hung up two days ago!

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It’s an absolute pleasure to get up-close-and-personal with some of our members’ art contemporary masterpieces. Geralyn Mulqueen, Stephen Madden and Mo Kelly are just some of the artists whose compositions we have been lucky enough to showcase, thanks to Orior by Design.

If you are an interior designer, take a look at and consider that Art Traffic provides art buyers and collectors with fantastic art contemporary for a fraction of the price galleries may charge. If you’d like to showcase artwork in your home, your client’s home or your showroom, please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you want it, we can provide help and assistance for you in choosing the artwork you need.




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