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Art Traffic took a trip to the Big Apple towards the end of 2009 in order to spread the word about what we’re up to at Advertisement and promotion were the main aims of the team as they scoured the subway and whistled through the streets talking to, quite literally, everybody that they came across. We also met with a few of our artists (the feedback we received was priceless and made our jobs worthwhile), and networked our socks off, putting ourselves in very good stead for the New Year!

Artistic flare and prominent creativity vibrates throughout the city, all the way from the street art to the high-end galleries in Chelsea! It’s impossible to rest on your laurels in such an inspirational town and the Art Traffic community swelled. Coffee and cupcakes in the morning were followed by a day’s work and dazzling lights at night.

We visited Times Square and ended up doing some serious advertising, hammering home the fact that Art Traffic isn’t just for artists and buyers, it’s a community for anyone!! With art being such a strong investment, Art Traffic is open to all types of interested parties, and we love the fact that our followers are scattered around the world, enthusiastic and dedicated whilst thinking about their own futures.

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And here’s something for the young at heart, Ciaran and Lizzy even had a photo taken with Spiderman, and he confessed to being an Art Traffic fan. I can also sure you that Spiderman was not just me dressed up in Spandex…

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Happy New Year, and here’s to an awesome year ahead. Arttraffic is for everyone and everyone is for Arttraffic; get involved!!



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    This site is awesome, the blogs are really well written and the whole business looks so professional. Well done guys!!

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