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Our new featured artist, Mo Kelly has uploaded her art contemporary onto the site and has had a huge amount of interest from our buyer database. The phones have been ringing and the emails have been flooding in for the low-down on this exciting artist’s art contemporary ideas. Mo is one of Ireland’s most talented artists; she has already established herself among the homeland elite and is already an incredibly well-respected success.

Mo’s work has been exhibitioned throughout Europe and the U.S, and bases her work around landscape scenes from her memory or her readings. Night-time also features heavily in her compositions as she uses the trickery of twilight to put her art at the highest level and on the world stage. Her art contemporary is created with mixed media and Mo’s array of fans include the ex Irish Prime Minister (Bertie Aherne), who has two of her paintings, and Sienna Miller, who has referred to Mo as “a rock and roll Modigliani”.

Not only is Mo seen as one of the best in the art world,but Ms. Kelly also DJs at some of Ireland’smost renowned clubs; her talents seem endless!

We are tremendously excited to have Mo in our ArtTraffic network and look forward to seeing her successes whilst with us.

Check out her work!




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