This month’s new featured artist is an early Chistmas cracker!

Mark O’Neill was born in Newry, Ireland and trained formally within the realms of fine art at Liverpool University College of Art. He is at the peak of an illustrious career that has seen his works at art exhibitions from London to Dublin, from Carlingford to New York.  Mark’s artwork is all oil on canvas and all of his pieces are available framed.

His bold use of color and loose brushstrokes allow his compositions to be unique but balanced, and his current train of thought and artwork is inspired by bustling streets and busy marketplaces.


As I write this, Mark’s work “Giant’s Causeway” leads the popularity contest at ArtTraffic with the highest number of thumbs up from viewers. This piece has already been sold and we have high hopes for this Irish gentleman who has been kicking up quite a fuss around ArtTraffic’s friends within interior design.

To view Mark’s work, click on the following link:





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