I am delighted to announce the arrival of a new member of the ArtTraffic family. Ciaran and I have been the best of friends with this guy for a long time and I’d like to introduce our own brother from another mother, Richard Hurlin, as our Sales Manager.

Now, we’re all brothers and sisters at ArtTraffic, along with you, our beloved members, and I want you to be just as close as we are with Richard. In order to get truly acquainted with the man himself, please call him Lizzy from now on, as we do. Don’t ask about the nickname, it’s a mystery to us all but it’s stuck with him since childhood and it rolls off of the tongue!

I’m sure you’ll get to find out our full backgrounds, and how we all wound up here, in good time, but I wanted to briefly introduce you to Lizzy and to let you know that he will, more than likely, be in contact with you regarding the sale of a few of your pieces, or regarding your purchases, very soon!

We’re overjoyed to have Lizzy onboard and look forward to seeing his spark set ablaze as it inevitably will do.

Watch this space. The team just got a lot stronger!



One Response to “/ A WELSHMAN'S IMPACT /”

  1. 1 ms aussie

    I think all 3 of you are so amazing and i hope to one day meet you!!! your website is an inspiration. Thank you so much 🙂 xxx

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