It has been an amazing first month at ArtTraffic, thank you. Firstly, let me apologize for not updating the blog as regularly as planned, I promise that I’ll do better in the future and stick to a weekly schedule.

We’ve been wonderfully busy and astoundingly occupied for our first month in the game, but no excuses!

I’m Ross Faulds, co-owner of ArtTraffic along with my partner,  Ciaran McGuigan. We’re both hard workers, willing and wanting to put our all into Arttraffic, and we strive to give our artists the best opportunity possible to showcase their art and to find them potential buyers.

For the while, I am based in Savannah, Georgia in the sunny south of the U.S.A. The city boasts a beautifully artistic culture and is neck deep in artists and art lovers. I spend my working days contacting the best artists and keenest buyers around the city, as well as continuously developing world-wide connections with artists, buyers and art organizations across the world. I’ve studied certain areas of art history and have come to love artistic endeavors in all their expressions and representations.

Ciaran is based in Ireland and has undeniable artistic origins in his family. Ciaran inherited the art vibe and a knack for the art industry from his interior designer parents. A keen globetrotter, Ciaran will be travelling around the world to spread the word about ArtTraffic, to sell our artist’s work and to broaden our horizons with regards to our artists and buyers.

Next on the agenda, I’d like to extend the ArtTraffic team’s thanks to you! ArtTraffic’s members, visitors and buyers have certainly made this first month an exhilarating experience. We’ve sold thirty artworks already and are yet to unleash the advertising beast we are currently creating that will, I’m sure, blow you all away! Within the first week, we had site views from over 50 countries and we already have over 70 members, so thanks and gratitude are owed to you guys!

Stay tuned as more updates bring the site closer and closer to 100% and as we reach out to thousands of new artists and new buyers. Soon, interior designers from all over the world will be flicking through ArtTraffic’s pages to find their next purchase from a gorgeous array of mixed media or watercolor, charcoal or gold!

More updates will be appearing on the site very soon so be busy, be involved and be excited!




2 Responses to “/ AN ARTTRAFFIC THUMBS UP /”

  1. 1 admin

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  2. 2 Val Thorn

    Ross, this is excellent – well done- ,I will be watching out for some great art to buy. I’m sure it will thrive -all the best – val – (Chris’s mum)

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