Welcome everyone, firstly, the Arttraffic team would like to welcome all of our new and future members to the website. We have been working extremely hard over the last few months on the website and gathering contacts within the art community in order to help push Arttraffic forward, advertise our artists and change the art world forever.

The Arttraffic team believes that our friendship, drive and belief in Arttraffic, combined with the need for it in the art industry, that it will become the ultimate place for artists from all genres, abilities and countries to showcase, sell and communicate their artwork to the rest of the world.

If any of our artists have their own websites, we urge you to put a link to Arttraffic on your site, and we will publish a link to your own site and your name in our weekly blog, following through with our promise to get your name out there and broaden all parties’ artistic horizons!

The Arttraffic team would like to thank all of our friends, many of whom have been instrumental in helping Arttraffic get ready for the launch. Their work and support has been incredible and we cannot thank them enough.

We will be publishing a weekly blog about Arttraffic, its artists and anything interesting going on in the art community. If you have any relevant news, please let us know.  We will be sure to publish any great news, successes of our artists, page links etc.

Lastly, please make sure you sign in regularly, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything!


2 Responses to “/ WE ARE aLIVE /”

  1. 1 admin


  2. 2 Brian Maguire

    Looks promising guys. Good luck

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